Best Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

Heart shaped face is wider on the top and goes smaller to the chin. This type of face shape is actually rather easy to be matched with any style of hair but here are some rules that you should apply to get the best hairstyles for heart shaped faces. While the chin is usually way narrower than the forehead, you should think about how to make a balanced look on your face vertically.

One way to create the balance is to make benefit of bangs. Long side swept bangs that has shortest cut starting from the arch of the brow and gradually goes longer to the outer point of your eyes corner. This will create illusion of the balanced look and draw attention to your eyes especially when you have beautiful eyes and perfect eyebrow. These bangs can be flaunted by women with long hair or be matched with best short hairstyles for heart shaped faces.

While if you want to go for shorter hair, then pixie is the perfect cut. You can say that pixie cut is invented for those with heart shaped faces. Pixie cut tends to create cheek bones or at least emphasize it. This balances the shape of your face that is why this is considered the best hairstyles for heart shaped faces.

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