Best Hairstyles for Square Faces

Women with square faces have strong jaw line and it makes the face looks square. There are some certain hairstyles that will flatter the look of women with square faces. The key to best hairstyles for square faces is to soften the jaw line and make it a little bit rounded. For women with long hair, the graduated long layer is the best thing that can happen to flatter your face and hair.

The graduated long layer can also be the best hairstyles for square faces with thick hair. Start the shortest layer on the front from just below the chin. The starting point of the front layers makes the frame illusion to your face so that your face seems rounder. To get a better result, make the layer going inward instead of outward which will narrow your square face.

While for the short hair, best hairstyles for square faces that you can try are the long bobs. The long bob takes your face to appear longer thus reduce the square appearance of your strong jaw lin. Flaunt this hairstyle if you want something fresh, flatters your face and also look more modern than the log layer which appear more classic with the length and style.

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