Flaunting the Long Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

When you have heart shaped face, the key to flatter your face is to balance the width of your face and make your cheek bones pop out. Emphasize your cheek bones by creating the right frame for your face. The long hairstyles for heart shaped faces with the certain styles can create such frame for your face so it appears balanced.

First style is to have long side swept bangs. Long side swept bangs that are perfectly fall above your cheek bones will give you the perfect frame for your heart shaped face. It emphasizes the cheek bones in a way that your face will appear balanced. Bangs can also work for short hairstyles heart shaped faces. If you are not a fan of bangs, then you can try long hair with deep side part. This will open your face and give it a perfect illusion of balanced width.

You can look up to celebrities with heart shaped face to find long hairstyles for heart shaped faces like Reese Witherspoon, Ali Larter or Ashley Greene’s long hair. They are some of the celebrities with heart shaped hair who always have perfect hairstyle for their face either it’s long or short hair.

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