Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair Updos Simply Models

Prom night is always becoming awaited moment ever. Thus, having all-out appearance is absolutely a must thing to do. The prom goers will pay attentions either for the dress or hairdo. For anyone whose hair is long, how lucky you are since there are a lot of models of prom hairstyles for long hair updos that can be simply done by you. What are they? Just check them out here.

If you want to show off the beauty of your hair, you might try to have updos with half up-half down models. Make a volume of your hair by having a simply curl and bouffant is the very first steps. Then, take the side hairs and have it tied with little pins. Make it a bit messy is also nice to have a natural look. Add some hairspray to hold it on, and, your half up and down prom updos is ready to be proudly shown. Don’t forget to add hair accessories as flowers or jewelry.

You can amaze others prom goers by having formal updos. This model uses all your long hair to be tied either inside or back. The steps are so simple. Start by curling up the hairs and make a simple pony tails using them. You will need many pins to have it pinched. Make it perfect by doing a side bang. Tidy it up and be ready t have the most awesome prom hairstyles for long hair updos ever.

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