Short Curly Hairstyles for Round Face, Some Important Tips

Many people prefer to have long curly hair for round face, they like the long hairs because they give the people a certain feel of femininity and it will hide the round face. However sometimes they don’t realize that the long curly are not only hiding parts of the faces, but all of the face and hides the faces from view, a good solution is the short curly hairstyles for round faces.

The tips for this shape are not to hide the face completely but to make an illusion of a smaller face, this can be achieved in so many ways. The first thing to know is that there should be less hair on the sides, the curls can sometimes grow to be so big on the sides of the faces and this makes the face looks rounder. Thin the curls on the sides and have some at the top, when you own the curls at the top, it can help to balance the face.

Tips for the short curly hairstyles for round faces are to pay attention to the neck area, hiding the neck is not a good choice, expose it with short hair and make it look longer. There are certain cutting ideas to help the neck look longer including about the layering, understand these and enjoy the hair!

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