Short Hairstyles for Square Faces Women Tips

Here are 3 useful tips for those women who have square faces but aim for short length hairstyles. First tip is do not be embarrased to show off your strong jaws. Short hairstyles for square faces women do not always require you to conceal and hide your strong jaws, but it is more like make it looks prettier and ideal. It simply means that you only need to make it looks more ideal, not hiding it too much which results on awkward look.

Second tip for short hairstyles for square faces and thick hair is trying to add some height from your hairstyles. In order to make the square faces look more ideal, then you can trick it by adding some heights, especially on the crown of your head. You may need to tease or elevate the hair in the crown part to give an illusion of longer face.

Third tip for short hairstyles for square faces women is always go with the more voluminous hairstyles. You can go with the short hairstyles but try to apply the voluminous hairstyles which will conceal the roundness and strong jaws of your faces. Try to make the upper part of the hair is more voluminous to lessen the square face look.

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