Should I Have Hairstyles for Long Straight Thick Hair?

Actually, I have so nice and interesting hairstyles. I believe that my hairstylists have done the best for creating the hairstyles for me. Do you know what hairstyle is that? It is the hairstyles for long straight thick hair. You should see my hairstyles for making sure that it is nice. But I have something problem here. Do you want to know what that is? It is not about the hairstyles.

My problem is about the ways for taking care of the hair. The long hair makes me should take care of the hair in the more treatment. Do you know that I should spend minutes for applying hair conditioners and hair vitamins? It is very hard for me in my busy days. I spend times to long. Then, I decide to cut my long hair. Now, I have the medium hairstyles on my head. But some friends of mine said that I look better in my long hair.

Should I have hairstyles for long straight thick hair again? You should give me recommendation for my problem. Hairstyles are very important for me. It can create my best performance. So, please give me some suggestions. I will be very happy if you recommend me certain hairstyles without cutting my hair.

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