Simply Short Hairstyles for Square Faces Over 50

Here are short hairstyles for square faces over 50 which will make you look youthfull. First is the stylish short pixie hairstyle. You always can wear a stylish short pixie with the choppy bangs which gives more texture on your forehead. Then, elevate the crown part to add height and that will make the square faces look more ideal. Furthermore, this hairstyle will define the strong jaws beautifully.

Second is one of chin length hairstyles which comes with short classy bob. If you want to look youthful, then go with the classy book which frames the square faces prettily. Simply part the hair in the middle and let the long fringe conceals the strong jaws so your face will look more ideal. Then, to make it stylish, let the front section is longer than the rest or back.

Third is one of short hairstyles for square faces over 50 which comes with sleek pixie hairstyle. You can simply create a nice pixie hairstyle with the long side swept fringe. Let the overall look is sleek and neat by using some gel to style it. This hairstyle will look best if you have straight and fine hair type because it will be shinier.

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