Textured Short Curly Hairstyles for Square Faces

Here are short curly hairstyles for square faces which are totally stunning. First is the stunning short bob with the fancy curl locks. Try to apply short bob with the front section is longer than the rest. Then, make it looks stunning by accentuating the bob with the curly locks which you can define to add texture of this hairstyle. The curly locks will make the square shaped faces are not too obvious.

Second is short curly hairstyle square faces which comes with layered middle parted bob. This hairstyle works well to fade the strong impression of square face because the layers will conceal it. You can wear this hairstyle by simply parting the hair in the middle and let create soft curls which make the square faces are concealed. Curls are always effective for concealing the jaws.

Third is one of short curly hairstyles for square faces which comes with the raised bangs. This hairstyle is so stylish because you can show off your square face entirely without concealing any part of it. But, you can make it looks more fabulous by raising the bangs and make a kind or wind blowing effect which will make the square faces look so stunning.

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