The Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Long Faces and Fine Hair

Do you have long faces? If you do, then you are luckier than those with the round or heart shape faces. The long faces can be matched to more hairstyles than the two face shapes mentioned later. However, it does not mean that there are no dos and donts for the face shapes too. If you want to look good but the hair is thin, then you need to choose the short hairstyles for long faces and fine hair.

Simply add the waves to make the thin hair look a bit thicker. If the hair is thin and the face is long, then the face will visually seem longer than it really is. Moreover, it is wiser not to chop the hair too short. When it is too short, then again you will make the face seem longer. Browse the internet to find some inspirations of short hairstyles for long faces and fine hair pictures.

When the waves will make the hair look thicker, then you should also consider getting bangs to help the face seem shorter. Even though there are choices of short hairstyles for long faces and fine hair that are so easy to maintain, you can also consider getting the medium length hairstyles for better results.

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