Why Long Hairstyles for Square Faces is Easy to Create?

Women with square faces need to understand that when they want to make their jaw line appears rounder, then getting the right haircut is the best thing that you can do. For women with long hair, getting long hairstyles for square faces is an easy thing to do. The first and the most famous hairstyle is the graduated long layer.

The layered hairstyles square faces help in refining the strong jaw line. Many women find the square face is less attractive because it s hard to find the perfect angle in front of the camera and the face will appear more masculine. Start your long layer from the chin or slightly below it. This will create frame around your face and thus covering the square jaw line. The graduated layer can also bring illusion to your face so it appears longer, so the longer you hair and layer is to finer your jaw line will appear.

Long hairstyles for square faces are rather easy to create because it is easier to cover your strong jaw line with long hair. The key is to frame your face and cover the sides of your jaw line so that it would appear rounder. Making the edges of the hair to bend inward is also a good idea in making a better frame for the face.

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